Mural Commissions

Residential exterior California Coyote mural. 7 x 13 feet.
The Salon. Main Street, Downtown Angels Camp, CA. 4.5 x 10 feet.
San Andreas Elementary. San Andreas, CA. Metal storage container. 7 x 30 feet.

Mural Pricing

Residential MuralCommercial Mural
Small Scale … 5’ x 5’ … $600* $25 per square foot
Medium Scale … 6’ x 8’ … $800* $600 minimum
Large Scale … 6’ x 10’ … $1,000* Custom quotes available
Extra Large … custom quotes available
Temporary Window Painting
* $60 simple borders or frames
* $100 per business window
* includes window painting removal by appointment

Booking a Portrait or Illustration Commission

Share your ideas behind the piece along with the subject, color, theme, or feeling you are looking for. The more detail you include, the closer I can get to your vision.

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