Creating weird art, illustrations, and indie books—

Why, Hello There…

My name is Sarah Cuthill, and I am the lone paintbrush behind Ursa Ink. I am a freelance artist based in the historic Gold Rush county of Calaveras in Northern California.

I spend most of my time painting, pursuing personal projects I’m passionate about, and teaching art in grade schools. As a mercurial creature, I like to do lots of different things so you may see everything from books in progress and snail mail adventures— to digital art prints and stickers.

What I’m Doing…

I am making the art that I’m crazy about: fantasy, urban fantasy, a dash of horror, and sometimes just weird stuff. My current big project is to build up my portfolio with examples of book cover art.

My art is made possible entirely by the continuing support of my amazing patrons! Thank you all for joining me on this journey.


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