Creating weird art, illustrations, and indie books—

SARAH CUTHILL is an emerging fantasy artist and illustrator based in the historic Gold Rush county of Calaveras in Northern California. Sarah is known for her saturated colors and strikingly odd subject matter. She works primarily in digital mediums; Sarah is inspired by the intersection between traditional art and digital painting. She has been creating art all of her life and enjoys the challenge of working with diverse media. 

Since 2005, Sarah has taught visual arts classes to K-8th grade students at several local grade schools as well as been awarded several Arts in Schools grants to teach drawing and painting. Sarah was Director for three summer arts camps, serving nearly 150 children annually since 2008. With over 16 years of experience teaching visual arts to grade school students, Sarah is now taking the time to focus on the development of her own art and style. Sarah is currently working towards her degree in Illustration at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

In 2020, she began illustrating and writing her own storybooks and illustrated novels. Sarah is inspired by different cultural mythologies and anomalous concepts. She persistently creates art in forms that can be easily and happily consumed by people who may not usually seek out art. Her favorite ongoing project is Mythic Mail, her series of fully illustrated letters featuring mythical creatures and storytelling in the form of monthly snail mail.

“I come from a long line of artists and creatives. Art is in my veins, it is at the core of who I am. If I am only able to contribute one thing to the world, it would be to create weird art for weird people.”

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