Mythic Mail

Be a part of the snail mail revival!

Mythic Mail is a monthly snail mail adventure letter series. Follow Ursa and her dog Ink as they travel the world in search of mythical creatures. Every letter contains an exclusive, full-page illustration on one side, a piece of the ongoing story, and watercolor sketches on the other side, and a different bonus item every month! Each month is unique and not reused later in the series.

Give yourself, a friend, or a child something fun to discover in the mail! This subscription celebrates art, creativity, and adventure for ALL ages.

This extraordinary correspondence follows Ursa and her dog through storytelling that appeals to adults and children. Ursa writes to you each month with something, or someone, the pair has encountered. Mythical creatures and mythological characters from all around the world are featured.

Each month you will receive:

  • One fully illustrated, collectible letter via snail-mail (postage is included).
  • A written letter to you about an intriguing mythical creature on the front, including several painted sketches.
  • A full-page illustration on the back.
  • An extra, little something (item/sketch/art) customized for you.

Letters will be mailed via USPS. First time subscribers will receive a digital “Welcome Letter” via email introducing Ursa and Ink so that the characters are familiar before the first subscription letter arrives in the mail.

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